Festival Hire Event Security Melbourne

Event Security Melbourne

Festival season is a busy season, Event Security Melbourne has you covered with whatever you need.

Previously doing numerous amounts of festivals we know the rush and the pressure ensuring everyone gets in suitably and no contraband is brought in. We ensure that our security is well trained in car and personal checks. without intruding the person’s privacy we can detect and remove anything that isn’t meant to be there.

the intoxicated general public can be a little too much to handle at certain times. but the professional and friendly manner of our security guards will ensure that everyone stays safe and accounted for during the running of the festival. Most festivals being large we have enough resources to have you covered for the entire running. through the night and from sunrise the next day.

Event Security Melbourne

All our Event Security guards are trained in RSA and First Aid, so throughout the festival, if something does happen to go wrong we will be the first there and know how to act on it.

Call us today: Call us today: Phone us: (03) 9005 7670 m: 0467 341 387     Email: contact@eventsecurity.melbourne

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