Out Door Music Festivals

Out Door Music Festivals need experienced guards to keep things under control, so all can enjoy the night without trouble-free.

We have been doing this since 2006 we have years of experience and references and Google reviews to back up their claims of being a good security provider.

Block Party Security

Block Parties are becoming more and more appealing to companies to celebrate events throughout the workplace. These types of events need to be controlled by A+ security. Well, we have you covered. From working so many of these events we know what takes place and when. The cool air affecting people a lot quicker than normal once that sun goes down. Oh, we have seen it all. We will make sure that everything is taken care of to the highest standard possible.

We offer this distinct, service as we have prior knowledge of what this event requires. We indefinitely will aim to keep everything running smoothly all night, we have quick response programs in place to assure that if something does happen we are on it within a second.

Event Security Guards Melbourne

Event Security Melbourne

Security Guards Melbourne,  has numerous amount of years experience in providing Melbourne and surrounding areas, experienced and first class security guards and crowd controllers. Security Guards Melbourne are dedicated to providing, natural, modern, active, reliable and expert security, with great attention to detail and a modern outlook on customer service.

Security Guards Melbourne having many years experience in this field, can ensure that the running of the event will go smoothly. We can minimize any risk with our onsite security. Our guards are trained to make an appropriate assessment of the potential threats that may happen at an event.  Our teams are educated and trained in how to deal with mischief makers, and also always have an emergency evacuation plan in order. In the unlikely occurrence of an evacuation, our team will professionally and discreetly and professionally handle it and make sure that everything runs as pleasurable as it should.

Services that Event Security Melbourne offer;

  • Event Security
  • RSA Officers
  • Bag Checks
  • Security Scanning
  • First Aid Officers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Age Verification
  • Barrier Control
  • Mosh Control
  • Pedestrian Control
  • Ticket Checks
  • Traffic Management
  • Cash In Transit
  • Critical Incident Response Team

At Security Guards Melbourne we want to ensure that the safety of all patrons comes first and everything runs smoothly. In doing this we have a wide range of technology to help us along the way to ensure the client is satisfied.

We understand that the physical and visual appearance of guards is particularly critical in when hosting an event this is why we ensure you we will only supply high-end guards that have had adequate training and will ensure you the best for your event. Security being the main part of the event but it inst limited to what we provide, we also provide within our security guards, RSA officer, and First aid officers as every guard is qualified in this domain.

Our philosophy being, our success is only as good as the job we do, we work together we succeed together